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Dictionary Compilation Software

Message publicPublicate: ven. jul 24, 2015 6:38 pm
per esra

are there any other professional dictionary compilation software than TLex and SIL Fieldworks(1)?

I really like handling of TLex, but its really very expensive. Anyway they also offer such called Small or Endangered-Language Licenses which they define like this:

"... 4. Small or Endangered-Language Licenses:
Anybody doing work on endangered languages qualifies for Academic pricing, but with no publishing restrictions. To qualify, just let us know which language(s) you will be working on, and motivate their endangered status. If unsure, please contact us.
NB: We work from a relatively loose definition of "endangered" - languages with fewer than 50,000 speakers also qualify. We will consider other 'smaller' languages if motivated. ..."

That should meet Interlingua community, isn't?

Anyway, current TLex_Suite_Setup_8.1.0.1502.exe build runs full-featured at evaluation mode (from July 05/2015) until August 31/ 2015.

Also exists free of charge viewer tlReader which can be used for native *.tldict TLex dictionary files.

Dictionary compiling software which are capable to produce bilingual dictionaries it seems to be really rare.


(1) I found it horror to use SIL Fieldworks. It such cumbersome to use.