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Firefox Hello instant (video) communication

Message publicPublicate: dom. mar 08, 2015 11:10 pm
per esra

since some time current Firefox browser contains pre-built-in facility to establish adhoc instant (video) communication. Its named "Firefox Hello". Someones could imagine that like Skype videoconferencing without any need to install some new software. Of course its encrypted https connection. So, if you're using Firefox right now, probably you see some kind of smiley-like button on the upper right corner. If you will click it some procedure will happen which by the end will create some link you can send to somebody you wanna talk to. You even could send this short link via cellphone message (sms) if you don't trust email communication.

Maybe again its possible to reactivate community of Interlingua this way?

Search Youtube to see Firefox Hello in action.