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carlosedepaula scribeva:I agree. I think it is so hard to estimate because it is wrapped up in too much passion.

For sure its single opinion and it concerns online use of E-o only: lernu.net:

(quote=nornen)(quote=DOCENKO_Dmitrij)The total number of Esperantists on lernu.net is 43436.
So the average world concentration is 1 Esperantist per 168073 people.(/quote)

But how many of them are really active?
During 2014, half of all posts have been written by 19 persons. Nineteen.

During 2014, of those 43436 registered users, only 1073 users(1) have actually posted something. Sure, there are also passive users who don't write posts, but read them or take the courses, but the discrepancy between 43k and 1k is quite impressive. I suppose that over 90% of all lernu accounts are dead.

(1) Users who hadn't deleted their account by january 2015.(/quote)
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