Nove usatores, lege isto! / New users, read this!

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Nove usatores, lege isto! / New users, read this!

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[English below]

Nove usatores debe saper que le prime message public que illes invia debe esser approbate per un administrator ante devenir visibile. Isto pro proteger le sito contra spam.

Pro accelerar le processo de approbation, per favor notifica un moderator per message de e-posta post scriber tu prime message. Le adresse es:

admin (coclea) interforo (puncto) org

(sin spatios, (coclea) = @, (puncto) = .).

Alteremente, alcun tempore pote passar ante que le message es discoperite in le 'cauda de moderation'.

Solmente le prime message debe esser approbate, messages sequente va esser visibile immediatemente.


New users should be aware that, in order to protect Interforo against spam, the first post of all new members must be approved by a moderator before being published

To speed up the process of approval, please notify a moderator by sending an email to the above address, after sending your first post to the site.

Otherwise, it may take some time before the post is discovered in the moderation queue.

It is only the first post that is moderated, subsequent posts will be published immediately.
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