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Interforo in linea de novo

Message publicPublicate: ven. jun 07, 2013 10:50 pm
per admin
Car membros,

Si vos ha tentate in van de utilisar Interforo in le ultime tempore, vos ha mi excusas!

Como vos vide, ora illo functiona de novo!

Seque in le sequente messages alcun e-mails que io ha inviate al membros, que explica le causas del absentia del sito:

Re: Interforo in linea de novo

Message publicPublicate: ven. jun 07, 2013 10:56 pm
per admin
Inviate venerdi le 31 de maio:

Interforo in linea de novo

(Message in English below)

Estimate membros de

Io vos scribe pro informar vos que Interforo functiona de novo post un
periodo con problemas technic in le major parte del mense de maio.

Post que le connection esseva re-establite le 17 de maio, un actualisation
del software falleva e rendeva le sito inusabile al 24 del mense e plure
dies sequente.

Ora, totevia, io es felice de poter annunciar que le sito de novo functiona
e es a trovar al adresse usual,

Io multo regretta ulle inconvenientia que le disparition del sito ha create
pro ulle usatores!

Le problemas technic ha causate alcun parve cambiamentos: Io ha debite
remover le chat instante al pagina principal, e le buttones social (pro
ligar a Facebook, etc.), e le ligamines conspicue pro subscriber a topicos
e foros. In le futuro, on debe subscriber con le ligamines minus conspicue
al fundo del paginas.

Anque le possibilitate de subscriber a tote foros del sito con un sol clic
del mus, ha debite esser removite.

Io va investigar le facibilitate de re-introducer iste optiones si il ha
interesse in illos.

Le problemas technic anque ha causate le sequente curiositate: Ora, post
que on ha cancellate su subscription a un topico o foro, le pagina al qual
on es re-dirigite, ancora contine un ligamine con le option de cancellar le
subscription. Isto es un error que on pote calmemente ignorar - le
subscription ha in effecto essite cancellate, ma le ligamine solmente va
cambiar se a "subscriber" quando on ha exite e re-entrate in le topico o
foro. Io non ha potite trovar un explication de iste comportamento
estranie, ma io ancora es "on the case".

Io spera revider vos in Interforo, e vos desira un agradabile estate (o
hiberno, si vos vos trova al hemispherio del sud!)


E le version anglese:

Interforo back online

Dear members of

I'm writing to inform you that Interforo is back online after a period of
technical problems that lasted throughout most of May.

After the connection had been reestablished on the 17th of May, a software
update failed and rendered the site unusable for several days starting on
the 24th.

Now, however, I am happy to announce that the site is working again and is
to be found at the usual address,

I strongly apologize for any inconvenience that the disappearance of the
site may have caused for the users!

The technical problems have led to some small changes: I have had to remove
the chat on the front page, and the social buttons (for linking to
Facebook, etc.), and the clearly visible links for subscribing to topics
and forums. In the future, subscribing will have to be done using the more
inconspicuous links at the bottom of the page.

Also, the possibility of subscribing to all forums with a single mouse
click, has had to be removed.

I will investigate the feasibility of reintroducing these options if there
is an interest in them.

The technical problems have also led to the following curiosity: When you
unsubscribe from a topic or forum, the page that you are automatically
redirected to will still contain a link with the option to cancel the
subscription. In reality, you have in fact been unsubscribed, but the link
will only change to "subscribe" once you have exited and re-entered the topic or forum. I haven't been able to find an explanation for this weird
behaviour, but I'm still on the case!

I hope to see you soon in Interforo and wish you a great summer (or winter,
if you're on the southern hemisphere!)

Best regards,

Re: Interforo in linea de novo

Message publicPublicate: ven. jun 07, 2013 10:59 pm
per admin
Inviate un hora retro:

Interforo - iste vice illo vermente functiona!

(Message in English below)

Car membros de Interforo!

Le ultime venerdi postmeridie io vos inviava un message annunciante que
Interforo esseva de novo in linea post un periodo con problemas.

Aliquando durante le horas sequente, le sito completemente dispareva del

Il se monstrava que, a causa de un miscomprension inter nostre webhost,, e me, le nomine dominio non habeva essite

Pro haber le sito restaurate, io debeva pagar 200 euros, lo que io faceva
le lunedi. E jovedi vespere Interforo de novo appareva al internet.

Io non pote asserer de esser completemente sin culpa in le miscomprension,
ma io spera que vos va considerar mi pagamento del 200 euros como un
penitentia acceptabile!

In tote caso, io regretta de novo ulle inconvenientia e spera revider vos
tosto in Interforo. Io pote assecurar vos, con un alte grado de
confidentia, que le sito va ora remaner functionante, e nulle nove
miscomprensiones pote occurrer usque a maio 2014! ;-)

PS. Il pare que le curiositate que io describeva concernente le
cancellation de subscriptiones, se ha solvite.



Interforo - this time it's really working!

Dear members of Interforo!

Last Friday afternoon, I sent you a message announcing that Interforo was
back online after a period with problems.

Sometime during the next couple of hours, the site disappeared from the

It turned out that, because of a misunderstanding between our webhost,, and myself, the domain name had not been renewed.

To have the site restored, I had to pay 200 Euros, which I did on Monday.
And Thursday evening, Interforo was back on the web once more!

I can't claim to be completely without fault in the misunderstanding but
hope that you will accept my having to pay 200 Euros as a satisfactory act
of penance!

In any case, I once again apologize for any inconvenience and hope to see
you soon in Interforo. I can assure you, with a high degree of confidence,
that the site will remain up in the future, and no new misunderstandings
can occur until May 2014! ;-)

PS. It seems the curious behaviour that the site was displaying after
unsubscribing, has now solved itself.


Re: Interforo in linea de novo

Message publicPublicate: ven. feb 27, 2015 7:24 pm
per pne
admin scribeva:le nomine dominio non habeva essite

Pro haber le sito restaurate, io debeva pagar 200 euros, lo que io faceva
le lunedi. E jovedi vespere Interforo de novo appareva al internet.

Io vide que le dominio es ora registrite usque maio 2015 - altere tres menses. Proque no registrar lo pro altere tres o quatro annos? Il es possibile pagar pro un dominio pro plus que un anno.

In tal modo, il essera minus probabile que le dominio essera perdite.