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AndroCards - Flashcard System

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Some years ago Rene created Flashcard system named AndroCards which runs on Android cell phones. There are also Interlingua related flash card zip packages available.

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Re: AndroCards - Flashcard System

Message publicper Laurentio » lun. jun 24, 2013 12:23 am

Thanks for the tip.

I don't have an andriod phone myself, but thought I'd mention some other flashcard sites for computer (lap/desktop) users. (From what I gathered when I skimmed the AndroCards site, AndroCards users import flashcards from this site into their phone.) ... earch&sm=1
I used to use this site myself, but there aren't so many Ia flashcards available.
A free program. (Has a user interface in Interlingua.) The only Ia file on the site is Ia-Portuguese (which is massive). I also have Ia-Swedish on my computer, if anyone's interested.
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