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help to begin with IL

Message publicper zazidan » dom. mar 25, 2012 5:40 pm

Hi everyone,
I just discovered Interlingua and it's really a beautiful construction. I understand 90% of the text without of course beeing able to say anything!
So I decided to learn it by reading texts (I already red Breve historia de Brasil very nice style!) but, there's some words or form that I cannot find in the dictionnaries.
How can I get help here or somewhere else?
It would be pb like this:
I can find nowhere
"in canes e aves"

thx for your help
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Re: help to begin with IL

Message publicper bangiolo20 » lun. dec 30, 2013 4:20 pm

Hm... it seems to me it means "in dogs and sheep"; maybe author had in mind "among..." instead of "in..."
Pote gentilmente corrigere mios errores ? Face lo in "Adjuta con interlingua". Scriba clamando me per nome del usator in tema. Moderatores poten tamben corrigere mias messages originales, explicando correcciones como un appendice a basso.
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Re: help to begin with IL

Message publicper bartlett » mar. dec 31, 2013 12:23 am

You are writing in English, so I presume that you understand English well enough to make use of English sources. There are numerous English sources available for Interlingua, both grammar references and vocabulary lists. Many of them are referenced on the "Interwiki" page on this site: .
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Re: help to begin with IL

Message publicper esra » mar. dec 31, 2013 6:05 pm

zazidan scribeva: It would be pb like this:
I can find nowhere
"in canes e aves"

Sounds like some of metaphoric phrase. May be that could help somewhat?

Dictionaro basic

in = prep. 1 indica stato o loco, al interior de Exemplos: Hodie Hugo remanera tote le die in su casa. Anna vive in le citate, non in le campania. Le texto es in un altere lingua

2 indica motion Exemplos: Deman illa vadera in Francia con le avion . Ille entra in le museo pro visitar lo.

3 indica tempore a venir Exemplos: Io veni in un instante. Nos veni in duo minutas.

4 Altere usos: in estate, esser in pecias, creder in Deo, audir in silentio, taliar in duo, in plus, in fin

ave = sb., zool. animal de sanguine calide, coperite per plumas e con alas, assi que illo pote volar

can = sb., zool. animal domestic que mangia carne, con quatro gambas, sovente appellate le optime amico del homine. Exemplo: Le can chassa le catto a in le arbore

Radio Pruno projects: IA-DE translation of Dictionario basic (2,500 parolas) & digitalization of Interlingua kompakt (both under construction)
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